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1st Attempt Driving School is the most reliable and innovative driving school offering beginner to advanced driving courses in East London and all surrounding areas in both automatic and manual cars. The name 1st Attempt Driving School came about after our first 10 students have passed their practical driving tests for the 1st attempt. Our Reputable Driving School offers a comprehensive course of driving lessons to match your needs. Grab the opportunity of the highest level of driving instruction to help you pass your practical driving test for the 1st attempt, like many of our learners drivers have before! Rest assured our driving school will provide you with expert instruction to match your needs. We have a wide range of experienced reputable driving instructors.

Driving Instructor Training in East London

A Visionary Driver Training School

1st Attempt Driving School was built by Lamin Kassama about 3.5 years ago with a vision. The vision was to provide the residents of in and around East London a premier driver training school which not only offers versatile and flexible driving course packages but also trains capable and smart drivers. Driving is a goal for many. While it is great to take up driving when you are young and just finding your way around the world, we believe that driving can be learnt at an advanced age as well. Our trainers have been trained accordingly during their driver instructor training program. Each learner is unique to us. Hence, we understand their specific stage in the driving lesson graph and give them appropriate training. We take pride that our driving lessons and instructors build safe and smart future drivers who make the road a lot more secure. It is our commitment towards our learners and the untiring efforts of our driving instructors that we are hailed as the most trustworthy motor driving school in East London.

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Our Commitment towards Learners and Society

We are committed in training drivers who make the roads a lot safer than before.

Confidence behind the Wheel and Obedience towards Rules and Regulations
We believe in training holistic drivers who are capable of taking on the road with confidence yet are perfectly obedient towards the traffic rules and regulations.

Efficient yet Affordable
We offer the most budget friendly yet no-compromise driving lessons to our learners. We are efficient in training the next set of future drivers without burning a hole in their pockets.

Why do Learners Trust Us?

Most importantly, learners trust us as we understand them. Not all learners want to learn driving for the same reason. Some want to become professional drivers while some want to learn it as a skill while some want to learn to make them independent. Taking all the various needs in mind we have built 1st Attempt Driving School that embraces learners from all stages of their learning graph. Our learners say that the following are our best features:

• Professional and Certified Trainers
Versatile Driving Course Packages
Intensive Driving Lessons
Affordable Pass Plus Course

If you were looking out for the best driving school near me you need not look any further. Our 3.5 years of experience have made us the best driver training school in East London.